We are Conversational AI


    Voice-enabled Communications for Humans


  • We are Predictika and we believe:



    It’s not about the technology…It’s about The People.

    It’s about the Conversations.

    It’s about getting Questions answered.

    Giving People the Help they need.


    Anywhere. Anytime. On any Platform.

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    January 3, 2023

    US Patent # 11,544,475 B2

  • While we firmly believe it's about the people, we have the technology covered


    Meet our founder and CEO, Dr. Sanjay Mittal, an accomplished AI researcher who spent 10 years at the legendary Xerox PARC, has 20 publications on Artificial Intelligence and currently hold 10 patents.


    Sanjay is a successful serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and was the founder of Selectica, one of the early Internet enterprise software companies. Dr. Mittal took the company public in a $5B initial public offering (IPO). Selectica’s clients included well-known companies such as IBM, Cisco, Dell, Disney, BMW, GE Medical Systems, Samsung, and Hitachi.


    As founder of Predictika, Dr. Mittal is changing the world using proprietary and patented voice and AI technology helping restaurant, hospitality, education and financial services companies increase human productivity, manage labor resources more efficiently to increase revenue, while benefiting from valuable data and actionabe insights.


    Predictika's advanced voice-enabled solutions are best-in breed, and supported by industry experts, marketers and AI developers in each market we serve.

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    Sanjay Milttal, Ph.D - CEO and Founder



    Outstanding in his field!

  • What We Do

    And, where we work!

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    Restaurants - Food Ordering + Drive Thru

    • Improves order accuracy with cross-selling and upselling
    • Engages guest autonomously
    • Improves labor efficiency
    • Reduces wait times
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    Hospitality - Ordering and Services

    • Manages guest services requests
    • Provides answers to frequent guest requests
    • Integrates with your Client Service Management Software
    • Elevates the guest experiences
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    Higher Education - Admissions Management

    • Provides answers for prospective & current students
    • Accelerates student onboarding and communication
    • Elevates the potential student admissions process
    • Increases admissions counselor productivity
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    Financial Services - Banking and Insurance

    • Improves client communications
    • Eases product offering selections
    • Provides accurate answers to client questions
    • Automates and streamlines new client enrollment
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    Customized to meet your needs

    If our vertical solutions don't meet your needs, talk to us about creating Custom Voice Applications.


    Our expertise in how people communicate is an important.part of our team's capability and guides our solution, customized for your requirements.